What We Do…

We provide a waste to landfill minimisation consultancy service, offering our clients recommendations for cost effective waste handling techniques.

We work with many companies within the UK across all commercial and industrial sectors, forging strong working relationships with all our customers to ensure significant reductions in waste expenditure and the maximisation of their recycling potential.

We carry out simple but thorough waste audits of current systems to provide our customers with bespoke waste management proposals that offer significant cost reductions and comply with current and future legislation.

  Our unique collection service for recyclables offers maximum returns on part loads.  

  Waste is an avoidable cost; let Clear Waste Services help you turn your waste into profit  

Business Waste and the Environment…

On average around 400 million tonnes of solid waste is produced in the UK each year. Some 19% of this is generated in industry and commerce. Waste is an increasing ecological concern as landfill sites reach capacity and cause pollution to the environment.

Waste is often an unseen and overlooked cost on company accounts. As the government introduces new legislation and economic policies, such as landfill taxes, the cost of dealing with waste is set to increase dramatically over the next few years.

Diverting waste from landfill is high on the government's national agenda for sustainable waste management. Further to this, waste minimisation, reducing, reusing and recycling waste is an excellent opportunity for companies to reduce costs and increase profits.

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