I am happy with my current waste systems, why should I consider a site evaluation?

We may be able to offer you substantial savings from waste materials and at the same time provide your business with more effective and environmentally responsible waste handling techniques (for more information see the page entitled The Need for Change). We are interested in purchasing recyclable waste materials like cardboards, plastics and paper from your business, and may be able to offer you returns from materials that you are currently paying to have removed, or which may be taken free of charge. We are also able to direct you to merchants who deal with other recyclable materials such as metals, wood and glass.

Will your service affect my contract with my waste carrier?

No, not at all; we are not waste carriers and are not seeking to change your waste disposal contracts. Our service is totally independent of any agreement that you have with a waste carrier. In the event that you are not satisfied with your current waste disposal service however, we are more than happy to obtain competitive quotes as part of our overall proposal. Due to the nature of our business and our excellent relationships with the carriers, we are able to access unbeatable rates. Further to this, we do not act as a broker, and therefore we will put you directly in touch with the carrier.

How much of my time will the site evaluation take up? I am very busy and have little time to spare.

All of the companies that we visit are extremely busy, and therefore we always try to limit our meetings to approximately 20-30 minutes. If you would like a more in depth meeting, and require more time for us to evaluate the site and for general discussion during the appointment then it will not be an issue; we put aside 45 minutes for each visit in the event that more time is required.

Other companies have visited the site before and been unable to improve on our current systems. How do I know that the meeting will be beneficial?

All of the appointments that we make are ‘qualified,' which means that when we make the initial contact with your business we ask the relevant questions about your current waste systems. This ensures that we only carry out a site evaluation if we feel that we can offer you a more cost effective and more efficient solution for your waste systems than your current method. In the event that when we carry out our evaluation we find that we cannot improve on your operations, we always send out a letter thanking you for your time, and requesting that we would be delighted to hear from you should your waste operations change in the future.

What happens if we do not want to go ahead with your recommendations?

Absolutely nothing. Our site survey is completely obligation free. The only commitment that we require from you is 20 minutes of your time to show us your site and provide us with information to help us prepare our proposal.

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